NIGHT WOLVES MG, rightfully is the first, by the essence and by the age Motoclub, which was born at the spaciousness of the USSR and won the World's recognition as the largest, powerful and independent Club with the RUSSIAN CHARACTER and TRADITIONS.

Though the Club, certainly, bore in itself the rebellious beginning, nevertheless, it always leaned on Pravoslavny roots and history of Our Country.We are proud of Our Russian name and Our clear last-being. We never traded in principles, did not sell out Our Friends, never changed the banners on foreign.For us - the Bike is a symbol of our Freedom, and Our Emblem - is Our Memory, Loyalty and Honour.We reject written and unwritten laws invented by people, directed to deprive of natural Freedom of a Man, but we try to live according to commandments left to us by our wise Ancestors. It's not for us and other people to judge - are we successful in it or not. We are as we are, like always and not like all.

On some, unknown reasons, it irritates people around. But any way we are happy with our cheerful Ancestors and Brothers, who are always with us. The point is that it is not we who have problems - we are fine. Problems have malicious, envious and fierce.We don't enter in the worlds alien to us, don't engaged in deeds alien to us, we live our own, precious for us life, where we don't want to come in those, in whom we don't see Brother and Friend. It is our life - right it or not - it is Ours, and we feel pride for our Emblem and Flag, feeling a shoulder of our Brother.

NIGHT WOLVES is our Family, proved by years, joys and difficulties. We are a conciliarism of the people, sharing one philosophy, living by one principles and morals of the Slavonic and Pravoslavny Traditions. Pack - is our element. Wolves Pack - Wolves Power. Not in vain we carry through years our Emblem, which nobody, including death, can take away from us.

We don't accept any political, religious - chauvinistic movements, in spite of constant attempts to tie to us different kinds of labels and nameplates. We mix and make friends with people with whom we want to mix and make friends. We never regard as a paramount importance material and social status of a man. Man and our community with him are much more important to us, but not a size of his purse or his high position or not.

And generally speaking, we have a lot of Brothers and Friends, whom we love and don't sell out. NIGHT WOLVES, themselves, find Brothers and Friends, and people sharing our views, find us. Everything is quite simple. We don't need quantity; we are looking for quality. And we find it, in spite of obstacles, put in Our Way by different kinds of demons.We always openly declare the fact, who can't be NIGHT WOLF. It is - pederast, drug taker, drug dealer, people carrying the ideas of evil, named "antichrists" and a man with whom, we think, we have different ways. It is no sense to come to us for material grace so, as we don't have it, more obvious we have Duty and Conscience before Brotherhood, Motoclub. Our grace is Our Being. We are happy that Destiny has united the best, again up to us, people.

NIGHT WOLVES never thirsted on their way of life, their understanding of life, and their valuables. We are different, of different date of birth, height, welfare, physical strength, weight, capacities, but we are Pack in natural notion of Pack, where each of WOLVES finds appliance to its capacities, whether he is talented locksmith or skilful financier. There is no difference. We are that universal model of single man with hands, head and heart. Making no difference in the process of earning material means and creating a detail, all of us are details of one organism, and this is our Power.

And we are no doubt, that created by us unique Brotherhood, will exist when there won't be today's NIGHT WOLVES, because we bring up trustworthy hands - descendants, to whom we pass all our accumulated and suffered experience.