The Republic of Macedonia occupies the western half of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia.

The part of the southern Balkan Peninsula traditionally known as Macedonia is bounded to the south by th Aegean Sea and the Aliakmon River; to the west by Lakes Prespa and Ohrid, the watershed west of the Crni Drim River, and the Shar Mountains; and to the north by the mountains of the Skopska Crna Gora and the watershed between the Morava and Vardar basins. The Pirin Mountains mark its eastern edge. Since 1913 this geographic and historical region has been divided between Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria, and only some 40 percent of its area is occupied by the independent state, MACEDONIA .


The Macedonian Orthodox Church has a long history of education and enlightenment in a so called Eastern sense, which differs from the general Western understanding of this notion. The enlightener is God and enlightening is not confined only to the human mind, but reaches the deepest aspects of humanity. This becomes natural through the fact that Macedonia (Ohrid) was the seat of the first Slavic university in the 9th century. Its founder and head was St. Clement of Ohrid, who was also the first bishop of Slavic origin. The university educated some 3,500 disciples, who were -- together with their teachers - the first intellectual potential of the Slavic world